Friday, November 8, 2013

Exotic interactions uncovered in actinide systems

The six orbital phase changes around the internuclear axis are unique to phi interactions. LANL image.

At its most basic level, bonding in actinide molecules is typically comprised of a small amount of covalent orbital mixing in the presence of overwhelming ionic attractions.            

“Until recently, few experimental techniques were available to provide quantitative information regarding the extent of covalent bonding for actinides in a range of oxidation  states and ligand field environments,” says Stosh Kozimor of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. (Full Story)

World’s space agencies unite to save planet Earth

LANL asteroid video.

The plan aims to create an International Asteroid Warning Network so countries can share what they know about asteroids.

Research scientist Robert Weaver, from the laboratory, has been studying the effects of detonations on asteroids since 2012 and has simulated explosions using the Energy Department’s Cielo supercomputer. (Full Story)

New ideas, technologies from LANL could boost region’s economy

Richard Feynman's Manhattan Project badge photo.  LANL image. 

The Northern New Mexico annual economy will grow by $2 billion in the next decade if Los Alamos National Laboratory can realize an ambitious vision for converting its stream of new ideas and technologies into world-changing solutions.

“We’re going to be rebranding, remaking and repositioning the division of technology transfer as a whole new topic at Los Alamos,” said David Pesiri, who leads the tech transfer effort at the lab. (Full Story)

New strategy helps Santa Fe Innovation Park land project funding

The Santa Fe Innovation Park is heralding the early success of three projects that could transform Santa Fe. 

The Microgrid Systems Lab, which has about a dozen partners and supporters, started about 18 months ago to work on microgrid technology. The lab received $30,000 from Los Alamos National Security to develop its initial technology. (Full Story)

LANL Foundation offers $1,000 awards for NNM residents wanting to return to college

Northern New Mexicans wanting to return to college for a certificate or two-year program are eligible for $1,000 awards from the Regional College/Returning Student program of the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund.

Funding for the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund comes from contributions by LANL employees and a match from Los Alamos National Security, LLC. (Full Story)

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