Friday, October 22, 2010

Consortium to design human trials of mosaic HIV vaccine

Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher Bette Korber is part of an international team of investigators working to design and implement the first human trial of a mosaic HIV vaccine candidate.

Mosaic vaccines are composed of many sets of synthetic, computer-generated sequences of proteins that can prompt the immune system to respond to a wide variety of circulating HIV strains (full story).

News coverage also appeared in the Los Alamos Monitor.

Scanner would allow liquids to pass through airport security checkpoints

The latest airport security technology being developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory could open the door for airline passengers to bring their soft drinks and full-size shampoo bottles on board again.

Homeland security officials put the latest generation of the bottled liquid scanner to the test Wednesday during a demonstration at Albuquerque's international airport (full story).

Stories about the MagViz scanner also appeared in numerous other places, including Jane's and on ABC News.

View LANL’s own YouTube video about the technology demonstration:

Weapons technology repurposed

A group of ground-breaking American and Russian scientists are taking Cold War weapons technology and repurposing it for peaceful use in medical prosthetics and dental implants.

Nanotitanium is the product of a collaboration of U.S. scientists at LANL and Russian weapons technology scientists who teamed together under direction from the U.S. Global Initiative for Proliferation Prevention at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (full story).

MORE CONTEXT: TV coverage from last year about LANL’s agreement with Manhattan Scientifics, which paved the way for further development of nanotitanium technology is available here.

Watch NASA’s Mars Rover being built via live “curiosity Cam”
Includes LANL’s ChemCam instrument.

Watch here!

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