Friday, December 18, 2009

Unique LANL pathogen detector gains corporate partner

Los Alamos National Laboratory has executed an agreement with Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corporation for the further development of a diagnostic tool known as an optical biosensor.

Los Alamos, whose staff developed the prototype bench-top and hand-held biosensors for the detection of human and animal pathogens, has provided Biomagnetics with a nonexclusive, field-of-use patent license agreement to expand the Laboratory’s Triggered Optical Biosensor and Integrated Optical Biosensor System technology. (Whole story)

Anastasio briefs Vice President Biden
White House meeting focused on U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile

Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio participated in a White House briefing Wednesday (Whole story)

Also this week in the Monitor:

LANS earns $72.1 million for FY2009

Los Alamos National Security, LLC, earned $72.1 million in fees for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2009, according to a brief summary released Tuesday.

The lab earned 90 percent of the $80.2 million overall available fee. (Whole story)

Local hero packed a global wallop

Louis Rosen’s role as hero, mentor and prophet of nuclear policy was the subject of an affectionate tribute Wednesday night. Rosen, one of the last of the great Manhattan Project physicists, died Aug. 15 at the age of 91, but his memory lives on in the hearts of his friends.

At a meeting of the Los Alamos Committee on Arms Control and International Security, four colleagues who knew Rosen exceptionally well shared their insights. (Whole story)

LANL will track Santa's journey

Los Alamos National Laboratory will show its light side on Dec. 24 when it begins tracking Santa's path with satellite technology, beginning at 6 a.m. Los Alamos scientists will mark the reindeers' course online here.

While various scientific theories have been offered on how Santa manages his deliveries, none has been proven, although ion shielding, personal magnetic fields and multidimensional travel concepts show promise, according to a LANL news release. (whole story)

Recovery Act accelerates cleanup at LANL

Los Alamos National Laboratory on Dec. 1, 2009 began full-scale demolition at TA-21, the Cold War-era complex of buildings that once housed plutonium production and historic, nonweapons research. (Watch it!)

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