Friday, December 11, 2009

Lab conducts first X-ray test on mock weapon

The DARHT second axis. LANL photo.

Los Alamos National Laboratory on Thursday evening, Dec. 3, 2009, took the first ever three-dimensional X-ray movie of a mock nuclear weapon detonation, a milestone two decades in the making. Full Story, subscription or viewing an ad is required.

Lightning strikes could help map hurricanes

The frequency of lightning bursts can be an indicator of a storm's strength. Getty Images

Eighteen low and high-frequency detectors make up the Los Alamos Dual-Band Lightning Mapping Array. The network uses multiple listening stations to zero in on every flash of lightning, providing instantaneous information on each bolt's exact location, including its altitude inside a cloud. Full Story.

You'll Never Guess Who Walked In!

LANL’s Woldegabriel in Ethiopia. From Nature Magazine.

Ardi redefines the branch between apes and hominins -- Surprises certainly have been sprung by, and on, the international team of paleoanthropologists and paleontologists that looks for fossils in the remote Aramis region of Ethiopia where the Afar people live. The team is co-led by LANL's Giday Woldegabriel. Full Story.

AGU fall meeting: The Arctic's changing climate, Improving the forecast

AGU News Conference, Monday, Dec. 14. The Arctic, perhaps more than any region on Earth, is feeling the impacts of climate change. But how can scientists better forecast the future of this vulnerable region? Participants include LANL's Scott Elliott.
Full Story.

Magnetic power revealed in gamma-ray burst jet

NASA’s Swift satellite observed the burst and immediately notified telescopes all over the world via the Internet. When it received the trigger from Swift, the robotic Liverpool Telescope on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands automatically swung to observe the burst. Swift is a collaboration that includes Los Alamos National Laboratory. Full Story.

Lab makes solid material transparent to terahertz waves

Paper appears in the journal Nature Physics. Co-authors include Texas A&M theoretical physicist Alexey Belyanin, Los Alamos National Laboratory physicist Scott Crooker and Daniel Mittleman, a Rice professor in electrical and computer engineering. Full Story.

Employees to place wreaths at cemetery

To help honor the nation's veterans Los Alamos National Laboratory employees are volunteering to place wreaths at gravesites in Santa Fe National. Volunteers are asked to meet at the cemetery at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, to be assigned sections within the cemetery. Full Story.

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