Friday, November 13, 2009

Computer scores against HIV

A small section of the HIV phylogenetic tree modeled on Roadrunner. LANL image.

More than idle genetic curiosity, the work is part of en effort to develop an effective vaccine against the deadly disease, said Bette Korber, a Los Alamos National Laboratory biologist and one of the world's leading AIDS geneticists. Full Story - subscription or viewing an ad is required.

Mother Nature aids LANL

Los Alamos National Laboratory and its downstream neighbors may have dodged a chromium bullet. If the latest analysis of the contaminant found in the regional aquifer is sustained, the chromium problem appears to be taking care of itself by natural geochemical processes.
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Structures and spectral variations of the outer heliosphere

The sky map was produced with data that two detectors on the spacecraft collected during six months of observations. NASA image.

The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) has obtained all-sky images of energetic neutral atoms emitted from the heliosheath, located between the solar wind termination shock and the local interstellar medium. Full Story.

LANL project to control sediment

Los Alamos National Laboratory is trying to reduce sediments flowing down two canyons toward the Rio Grande. The lab broke ground last week on one of two planned "grade control" structures aimed at trapping sediments in Pueblo and DP canyons. Full Story.

Boosting math and science education

n Tuesday, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation devoted much of its annual conference on education to the state's evolving version of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), known as New Mexico Project 2012.
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