Friday, February 4, 2011

LANL to certify automated influenza surveillance system

Lance Green of Biosciences Division tests an earlier version of a modular influenza laboratory. LANL photo.

compact, self-contained, automated system for surveillance and screening of potential pandemic strains of influenza and other deadly infectious diseases is a step closer to reality.

Researchers from LANL and the UCLA School of Public Health will test and certify a critical component of the High-Throughput Laboratory Network (HTLN) to be built by HighRes Biosolutions. (Full Story)

NNSA highlights cutting-edge nuclear science facilities

The DARHT second axis accelerator hall. LANL photo.

DAHRT consists of two large x-ray machines that produce freeze-frame radiographs (high-powered X-ray images) of materials that implode at speeds greater than 10,000 miles an hour. (Full Story)

LANL scientists develop 3D tracking microscope

In an early demonstration, this instrument was used to follow three-dimensional dynamics of key proteins involved in the human allergic response and associated biological signals. (Full Story - Note: The Los Alamos Monitor now requires a subscription to view online content.

Also from the Monitor this week:

LANL completes TA-15 landfill excavation

Rubble from Material Disposal Area N awaits disposal. LANL photo.

LANL subcontractor crews last month completed an environmental milestone: excavation at another former material disposal area.

It’s the eighth disposal area to be excavated, or otherwise completed, of 26 across the Lab slated for remediation. (
Full Story - Note: The Los Alamos Monitor now requires a subscription to view online content.

LANL, county bomb teams join forces

LANL Bomb Squad robot picks up a "suspicious" looking briefcase during a demonstration. (Inset) The briefcase contained "fake" explosives. LANL photo.

n effort has been underway to re-establish the partnership that existed between the Los Alamos Police Department and Los Alamos National Laboratory bomb teams.

“The LAPD has been working on rejoining forces with the lab’s bomb team for the last four or five months,” said Lt. Preston Ballew, commander of the LAPD Bomb Squad. (Full Story Note: The Los Alamos Monitor now requires a subscription to view online content.)

LANL scholarships aid returning students

dults in northern New Mexico who want to return to college after taking a break from their educational pursuits could benefit from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation's new $1,000-per-year scholarship program. (
Full Story)

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