Friday, September 10, 2010

LANL shows off its projects

Buffalo Thunder hosts Research and Development Day

Research and development, according to program director William Priedhorsky, is the driver for economic progress: It's the reason life expectancy has increased by almost 30 years over the last century; it's why diseases get cured and men have walked on the moon (full story—web site requires subscription or viewing of advertising).

Also this week in the Albuquerque Journal:

Los Alamos Security Invests in SFCC

For the second straight year, Los Alamos National Security — which runs the national lab — has invested $100,000 in the Sustainable Technologies Center at Santa Fe Community College. . . . The goal of the partnership is to foster a trained work force for jobs in renewable energy and supporting technologies. The LANS funds support operating costs of the center, while the LANS Advanced Technology Education Endowment Fund supports the salaries of instructors in the sustainable technologies program. . . (full story).

Udall: 'I was most impressed by the scientists'

For New Mexico Senator Tom Udall, the takeaway from a whirlwind tour of a clean-up area at the Los Alamos National Laboratory was twofold. He was impressed by the lab's scientific nature and plans to press for additional funds to continue the lab's work (full story).

Los Alamos Lab launches private cloud

The Energy Department's Los Alamos National Laboratory has launched a private cloud that lets researchers automatically request virtual servers on-demand. "Infrastructure On-Demand is the first infrastructure-as-a-service private cloud, to my knowledge, in the [DOE]," said Anil Karmel, solutions architect at Los Alamos' engineering division (full story).

ChemCam takes closer look at Mars

Los Alamos has a long history of space-related instruments, tied primarily to its role in defense-related treaty verification. Space-based detectors have helped determine the differences between signals from lightning bolts and potential nuclear explosions (full story).

LANL attracts record number of student interns

It was a record summer for students at Los Alamos National Laboratory. More than 1,300 students interned in technical and nontechnical fields and a record 415 postdoctoral students are working at Los Alamos this year (full story).

Deepwater Horizon oil could reach Atlantic Ocean

Oil released by the Deepwater Horizon spill could reach the western North Atlantic Ocean by November. That’s according to researchers from the US and Germany who have modelled the transport of dye from the site. “It is likely that small amounts of either oil or an oil-water-dispersant mixture will, at some time in the six months or so following the spill, make its way into the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic,” Mat Maltrud of Los Alamos National Laboratory, US, told environmentalresearchweb (full story).

Shortage of medical isotopes a concern

"Although the public may not be fully aware, we are in the midst of a global shortage of medical and other isotopes," Robert Atcher, director of the National Isotope Development Center at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, said in an interview (full story).

US and China join forces on clean energy research

The West Virginia University consortium, meanwhile, which includes Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, General Electric, Duke Energy and Babcock & Wilcox, will focus on developing and testing new carbon capture and storage technologies (full story).

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