Friday, April 7, 2017

Risk analysis for CO2 sequestration at enhanced oil recovery sites

Schematic of the water-alternating-gas process for enhanced oil recovery, LANL graphic.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an attractive displacing agent for enhanced oil recovery. Because a large portion of the injected CO2 remains in place in depleted reservoirs after enhanced oil recovery, this method could also be an option for permanently sequestering CO2 to mitigate global warming. Los Alamos scientists and collaborators have developed a generic multi-scale statistical framework for CO2 accounting and risk analysis in CO2-enhanced oil recovery sites. This analysis method provides information to aid decision-making for applications of oil recovery and CO2 sequestration. Environmental Science & Technology published the research. (Full Story)

Also from PhysOrg this week:

Researchers obtain Bose-Einstein condensate with nickel chloride

Research by an international collaboration recently produced the equivalent of a Bose-Einstein condensate using the chemical compound nickel chloride. More importantly, theoretical treatment of the data enabled the researchers to obtain a set of equations that can be applied to other materials that are not characterized as Bose-Einstein condensates.

The investigation proceeded through collaboration with several foreign institutions, such as the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) in Los Alamos, USA, and the similarly named French facility in Grenoble (LNCMI), among others. (Full Story)

More than 100 students receive scholarships from Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund

2017 Gold Scholar Charlyna Gonzales. LANLF photo.

Charlyna Gonzales of PeƱasco High School, Khaled Khweis of Taos High School and Wilbur Wang of Los Alamos High School are recipients of the 2017 Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund top-level Gold Scholarships. They are among 111 student winners from the seven-county Northern New Mexico region selected to receive 117 scholarships totaling $660,250. (Full Story)
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