Friday, September 9, 2016

Breakthrough research could lead to new weapon against cancer

Isotope Production Facility at Los Alamos, LANL photo.

A new weapon against cancer could be just around the corner now that a Cal Poly Pomona professor and her colleagues from Stanford, Cornell and Los Alamos National Laboratory have unlocked some of the secrets of a fickle radioactive element.

To learn more about how actinium bonds with other atoms to create chemical compounds, the team made use of X-ray absorption spectroscopy, a technique in which the sample being analyzed is bombarded with powerful X-rays, causing its atoms to absorb the rays in a way that reveals information about their atomic structure. (Full Story)

The Exascale Computing Project awards $39.8M to 22 projects

The Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) hit an important milestone today with the announcement of its first round of funding, moving the nation closer to its goal of reaching capable exascale computing by 2023. As part of a $39.8 million award round, the ECP will provide full funding to 15 application development proposals and seed funding for seven more proposals, impacting 22 total projects and 45 research and academic organizations, including Los Alamos National Laboratory.  (Full Story)

LANL and SFCC partner to build work place skills

Los Alamos Laboratory is partnering with Santa Fe Community College and Innovate+Educate to offer an Engineered Systems Technician course beginning Saturday, Sept. 10. The course offers workplace skills that will prepare students for level 1 or 2 engineered systems technicians at the Laboratory.

"Creating pipelines to address future workforce needs is crucial to ensuring that the Laboratory meets its mission needs and continues to serve the nation," said C.J. Bacino of the Laboratory's Office of Diversity and Strategic Staffing. " (Full Story)

LANL Foundation provides funds for school program

Two people, Mathilde Schaumberg and her husband Joseph, recently came forward to publicly thank the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation for helping the kids in their program have a great time this summer.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the grant for transportation from the LANL Foundation,” Joseph Schaumberg said. The LANL Foundation has annually provided $1,500 in support for the program through the foundation’s “Education and Community Grants Program. (Full Story)

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