Friday, June 5, 2015

‘Battlefield MRI’ in the works

Second generation bMRI system, LANl Image.

The LANL team is working on producing suitable body tissue images using much lower magnetic fields, similar to the Earth's. That's where the SQUID devices, the most sensitive magnetic field detectors around, come in.

Using something called a Josephson junction, a SQUID can detect a change of energy as much as 100 billion times weaker than the electromagnetic energy that moves a compass needle as it measures the changing magnetic flux inside a superconducting loop. (Full Story)

UNM tech may soon be monitoring head trauma in athletes

The technology was developed by Scott Sibbett, a research professor in UNM’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Brian Anderson, a research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, also helped test the technology through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program, which offers free technical services to assist local businesses. (Full Story)

LANL closes a gate on infectious diseases

Alina Deshpande is working on global resilience to infectious diseases. LANL photo.

Alina Deshpande, a native of India, who has a doctorate in biomedical sciences and works in the area of clinical diagnostics, has led the effort to create the lab’s biosurveillance portal on the Web. “Biosurveillance has been around forever,” she said in a telephone interview this week. Ancient medicine men had their ears to the ground and public health officials are on the alert around the clock. (Full Story)

Also from the Daily Post this week:

LANL employee shares impact of LAESF scholarship

Alicia Salazar-Crockett, LANL photo.

“Alicia is the perfect example of the scholarship fund,” Rutten said. “At 18 years of age, she received the top scholarship from LAESF for her undergraduate studies. She went on to receive her graduate degree in nuclear engineering. Now she is a full-time Laboratory employee.”

This year, 78 scholars will receive more than $400,000. Since 1999, more than $4.9 million has been awarded through 1,000 scholarships. Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS) matches each employee’s pledge – up to $250,000 annually.  (Full Story)

Rio Arriba commends LANL’s investment in education

Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan accepts a proclamation from Commissioners Danny Garcia (left) and Barney Trujillo.           

Local science teachers and representatives from the Española YMCA also attended the commission meeting to speak in favor of the proclamation, citing the LANL investments and a key resource in the educational programs used in local schools and programs.

Following the commission meeting Charlie McMillan met with students from the local YMCA’s robotics program who demonstrated some of the projects on which they have been working. (Full Story)

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