Friday, February 17, 2012

LANL researcher Roger Wiens discusses ChemCam

LANL’s Roger Wiens at a NASA news conference. From NASA.

Los Alamos National Laboratory researcher Roger Wiens discusses the ChemCam instrument on this video. ChemCam uses a laser to "zap" features of the Martian landscape and then uses a spectrometer to gather information about the composition of the sample. ChemCam will help the Curiosity Rover determine whether Mars is or was habitable. The Rover is expected to touch down on the Red Planet on August 5, 2012. (See the video here!)

New footage released from Manhattan Project

Laboratory historian Alan Carr. From KOAT-TV

Action 7 News sheds light on rare film of the scientist who came to Los Alamos to create an atomic bomb to end World War II.

Laboratory historian Alan Carr is interviewed about the cultural importance of this film that shows some of the everyday activities at Los Alamos in the 1940s. (
Full Story)

Scientists say nuclear bomb CAN save Earth from asteroid collision

Computer model that describes the effects of a nuclear energy source on a granular asteroid. LANL image.

It sounds like a plot fit for a disaster movie – but this is real life. Scientists say they have worked out a way to blast an asteroid into space dust using an atomic bomb.

Using one of the world's most powerful supercomputers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, physicists have calculated the effect of a nuclear blast on an incoming space rock.

Although NASA and other space agencies have mapped most nearby asteroids, the effect of one catching us by surprise would be catastrophic and, they believe, is worth preparing for. (Full Story)

LANL gets $239 million for cleanup

While most of the attention fell on the deferment of the Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility, President Obama’s FY13 budget called for an increase in appropriation when it comes to cleanup.

The request is up $51 million from $188 million to $239 million, and will allow LANL to pursue cleanup in accordance with the consent order with the state. (Full Story)

Four New Mexico firms vie for $200 million in LANL contracts

The Laboratory's primary waste storage and handling facilities - Area G. LANL photo

Four small northern New Mexico companies have been authorized to bid on up to $200 million in waste-related services at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

LANL selected Environmental Dimensions Inc., North Wind Inc., Navarro Research and Engineering Inc. and Portage Inc. to compete on contracts to safely package Cold War-era waste for final disposal. (Full Story)

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