Friday, September 2, 2011

Hydrogen fuel gaining respect

Gang Wu and Piotr Zelenay examine fuel cell energy production data. LANL photo.

n addition, the spent fuel can be recharged using a process described by researchers with the Los Alamos National Laboratory this March in the journal Science that uses the chemical hydrazine and liquid ammonia.

The Los Alamos researchers envision an ammonia borane fuel tank that is used to fuel cars, then taken out and sent to a factory to be recharged. (
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Also from MSNBC this week:

Stellar blasts caught on video

Astronomers are using movies created from Hubble Space Telescope imagery to track the gassy burps belched out by young stars. Video from ESA.

o improve the fidelity of the simulations, Patrick Hartigan of Rice University and his team turned to experts in fluid dynamics from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment in Britain and General Atomics in San Diego.

In addition to Hartigan, the research team includes Rob Coker and Melissa Douglas of Los Alamos. The research is funded by NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration. (
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A similar story is also available from
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LANL using cost-effective methods to continue explosions

Dynamic Experiments division leader David Funk. From KRQE

It's a sight to see: The explosion of an old test weapon with the mountains in the background. It happens all the time at two remote sites on Los Alamos lab property. Los Alamos National Lab wants to keep those booms coming.

The lab has been blowing up waste high explosives for years and it's now applying with the state in order to keep blowing up the waste safely. (
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Journal photo essay and

Using Monte Carlo methods to design domain-driven device clouds

Nicholas Metropolis was one of the founding fathers of the Monte Carlo method. LANL photo.

ince we're particularly interested in statistical analysis on data from a number of devices, we turn our attention to one such method called Monte Carlo methods.

Monte Carlo methods (MCM) were contrived in the 1940s by physicists working on nuclear weapons projects at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Specifically, MCM were used while investigating radiation shielding. (
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DOE inspector issues report on lab remediation

MDA-B excavation area. LANL photo

e determined that the Delta Prime East and West, and Tritium Systems Test and Assembly projects were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

MDA-B project costs had increased and the project schedule had slipped, however, due to reasons largely beyond Los Alamos’ control." (Subscription required to see
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Also from the Monitor this week:

Pa. school to launch STEM initiative with LANL help

e have a direct relationship with scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratories who have helped us to create some of these Cutting Edge Science courses, and more are on the way." (Subscription required to see
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And finally, again from the Los Alamos Monitor:

LA pays tribute

LANL director Charlie McMillan takes the podium during the community "thank you" event at Ashley Pond. LANL photo.

ost of you probably know that this fire was truly 'baptism by fire' in a literal sense for Charlie McMillan, who had only been on the job for a couple of weeks when he found himself in the Emergency Operations Center and in front of the cameras at those daily press conferences." (Subscription required to see
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