Friday, August 6, 2010

Rocky hint of a waterless Moon

LANL's Ion Beam Materials Laboratory is supported by the DOE Office of Basic Energy Science. LANL photo.

Another twist has emerged in the debate over whether there is water inside the Moon. Researchers studying lunar samples from the Apollo missions have used chlorine isotope measurements to conclude that the Moon is bone dry after all — corroborating scientists' original assumptions from the 1970s, but contradicting more recent studies of the Moon's water content. (Full Story)

Note: This research is co-authored by Yongqiang Wang, leader of Los Alamos’ Ion Beam Materials Lab. See the
LANL news release here.

Zurek awarded Albert Einstein Professorship Prize

Wojeich Zurek. Photo from Nature.

Wojciech Zurek of Los Alamos National Laboratory's Theoretical Division has been awarded the Albert Einstein Professorship Prize by the Foundation of the University of Ulm in Germany.

Zurek was recognized for his outstanding scientific achievements in the foundations of quantum theory and the relation between the quantum and classical physics that were among Albert Einstein's research interests. (
Full Story)

Biagro Western launches patented "Take Off" seed treatment

Cantaloupe seedlings treated with Take-Off (left) outstrip their same-age but untreated neighbors on the right. LANL photo.

Take Off -- a metabolic signaling compound developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico -- is a long-lasting and economical seed treatment for cereals, oil crops, sugar crops, cotton and forage crops.

Biagro Western has recently developed a patented new seed treatment that will increase crop emergence, improve stress tolerance, and combat other key issues facing growers today. (
Full Story)

Sounds better than light

DNA fragments flowing through the cytometer pass across a focusing lens and exit the tubing at the top. LANL photo.

A research team at Los Alamos National Laboratory, N.M., and Acoustic Cytometry Systems, Santa Fe, N.M., has created a ... Portable Acoustic Cytometer (PAC) that's a fully capable miniature flow cytometer using a piezoceramic acoustic source to reduce the size, complexity, and cost of the device. The PAC replaces the traditional hydrodynamic flow cytometer focusing with acoustic focusing. (Full Story)

Lab wraps up 1st clean-up project

Demolition of the TSTA facility was completed ahead of schedule. LANL photo.

The first of four major environmental clean-up projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory has been completed. The $13 million project involved demolition of an 18,000-square-foot former nuclear fusion research facility, according to a written statement from LANL. (Full Story)

Los Alamos National Laboratory seeks funding ideas

Los Alamos National Laboratory is accepting "idea statements" for new grants from its venture acceleration fund. Launched in December 2007, the fund provides seed money to help northern New Mexico businesses obtain connections to LANL technology or expertise. (Full Story)

Portales firefighters hone skills at Hazmat competition

Portales firefighters Mike Chaves and Dathan Culpepper at the 14th annual HazMat Challenge at Los Alamos National Laboratories last week. Portales Fire Department photo.

"The training facilities that they have there at LANL and the props are so lifelike, you can't find this kind of training anywhere else," said Portales Fire Department Lt. Floyd Hancock, the team leader. "And even though it's in a competition setting, it's a huge learning experience for us." (Full Story)

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