Monday, July 20, 2009

Smart Grid bid brightens state's future

Los Alamos, arguably home of more gray matter per household than any other county in the country, is playing a central role in a state initiative to catch a wave on a promising green business opportunity.

“If your lights go off in your house, the local electrical substation doesn’t know,” said DV Rao, a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. “You have to call and tell them.” (Read all about it.)

Scientists keep tabs on rare owls

The regular explosions in the Los Alamos National Laboratory backcountry do not seem to bother the Mexican spotted owls that have taken up residence in the steep canyons that slice through the nuclear weapons research center. (Read the whole story—subscription or ad view required)

Supercomputers more power hungry but more efficient

IBM is keen to point out that what it calls""the world's fastest supercomputer" an IBM supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratories, which first broke through the petaflop barrier, is ranked the fourth most energy efficient supercomputer in the world. (Read all about it!)

Not all iron superconductors are the same

The orientation of the magnetic moments in iron-based compounds FeTe (Iron Telluride) and SrFe2As2 (Strontium Iron Arsenide). Note the diagonal ordering in FeTe, these differences reflect a profound difference in the character of the magnetism.

An angle-resolved photoemission study suggests that different physics may underlie two major classes of iron-based superconductors. (Read the whole story.)

Creeping up on a big black hole

There are probably few scenes of violence in the universe that can compare to what goes on in the energetic activity of an accretion disk spiraling down around a monster black hole at the center of a large galaxy. (Read the whole story.)

Also from the Los Alamos Monitor this week:

The Next Big Idea Festival kicks off Friday

This weekend's annual Next Big Idea Festival is designed to be bigger and better than last year. More than 60 junior and senior high-school students from around the state are participating in the Next Big Idea STEM Student Day, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Friday. (Read the whole story.)

LANS to give $100,000 to college

Los Alamos National Security is set to contribute $100,000 to the Sustainable Technologies Center at Santa Fe Community College. The funds will be presented to SFCC President Sheila Ortego by LANS Executive Staff Director Jerry Ethridge this morning. (Read the whole story.)

Read Currents magazine online

Currents is geared to employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory, but others often also find it interesting. The July issue, focused on Lab environmental matters, is available on LANL’s Web site.

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