Friday, January 30, 2009

News from Los Alamos National Laboratory for Jan. 30

Nearly 2,000 people warned of possible beryllium exposure

os Alamos National Laboratory announced Wednesday it is notifying nearly 2,000 current and former employees and visitors that they may have been exposed to beryllium in the lab and may be at risk of disease. (The
full story is here.)

Lab greets community leaders

Los Alamos National Laboratory opened its doors for a breakfast of community leaders Tuesday. Senior officials of the laboratory and the local office of the National Nuclear Security Administration welcomed a variety of businesses, government and educational leaders from nearby tribes and counties. (Check out the full story in the Los Alamos Monitor.)

Nearly isotropic superconductivity in iron arsenide

e find that the superconducting properties are in fact quite isotropic, being rather independent of the direction of the applied magnetic fields at low temperature. Such behaviour is strikingly different from all previously known layered superconductors and indicates that reduced dimensionality in these compounds is not a prerequisite for "high-temperature" superconductivity. (
Read all about it!)

Holy petaflop
New supercomputer's blazing speed attracts researchers

The IBM Roadrunner, built for the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, hums along during sustained runs at 1.105 quadrillion calculations per second, according to the TOP500 Supercomputers list. "That's a lot of power," said Kevin Wohlever, director of supercomputing operations at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, where an IBM cluster of computers can make 21.9 trillion calculations per second. (Read the entire story here.)

Highlights video available on YouTube & LANL Web sites

ushing Frontiers, a video about Lab accomplishments during the second half of 2008, is available on the
Los Alamos National Laboratory YouTube channel as well as the new LANL Videos site. The seven-minute show features accomplishments for the year from across the Laboratory including scientific discoveries, business and process improvements, and a record-breaking year in community giving.

Watch videos here and here!

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